Miscellaneous of Schaumburg

Riekenberg and Matzke online

There are two German books, which can be of great interest for Americans, whose ancestors emigrated from Schaumburg (near Hannover / Germany) to America:

Heinrich Riekenberg, Schaumburg emigrants 1820-1914, publishing house C. Boesendahl, Rinteln, 1988


Heike Matzke, Schaumburg emigrants 1820-1914, Supplement, publishing house Ernst Knoth, Melle, 1995

In the meantime the contents of these books are online available. Unfortunately, there isn't any English version of this excellent web page yet. As a support I have prepared a parish list and two transcription tables which can satisfy also English-speaking users with the input mask and which helps to understand the result with its many abbreviations to some extent. I hope so!


Picture of the book "Schaumburger Auswanderer"


last update: Jan. 05, 2008